A Well Hydrated Body Is the Pathway to Health and Wellness
A Dehydrated Body Contributes to Chronic Illness and Poor Health

Training to run the Melbourne Marathon was a nightmare for Dr. Jaroslav Boublik. The problem? He “hit the wall” as he trained. Nausea and disorientation were the norm. Running was no fun anymore. Chances of finishing the marathon were about as good as winning the lottery.

He drank as much water as humanly possible before he ran.  He inundated himself with sports drinks. He drank water during his runs. Nothing helped. Despite doing everything doctors recommended to hydrate his body, Jaroslav was unable to perform at his peak potential.

Until one day in 1993 when he asked Leonie Hibbert, a natural therapist for her help. Leonie gave Dr. Boublik a variety of natural herbal remedies which, when combined, were formulated to help him process and utilize the water needed for peak performance. This unique combination of ingredients allowed his training to progress without nausea and without becoming dehydrated. He was revitalized!

The rest is history. Dr. Boublik finished the marathon in his own record time. His successful marathon run led to the development of the AQUAS… the product today that enhances health and vitality. .. the product that gives people back their life.

Why was Dr. Boublik having such difficulty running the marathon, an event that was a snap when he was younger?  The answer is he was dehydrated

What is Dehydration?

Our bodies are three-quarters water.  Dehydration means your body does not have enough water to keep it working optimally.  You lose water when you sweat, breathe, urinate, defecate, blow your nose, have diarrhea, or vomit. To make up for the water you lose, you hydrate your body by eating and drinking.

Who Gets Dehydrated?

Chances are you are dehydrated right now and you don’t even know it!! Everyone gets dehydrated, even babies and teenagers. Babies may have compromised hydration because their breast feeding mothers are not properly hydrated. Even in the teen years, symptoms of inadequate hydration may already be present and proper hydration may be a problem. Athletes and anyone engaging in a regular exercise routine are also prone to compromised hydration.

“Prior to using the Aquas over 15 years ago I rarely drank water or many fluids at all because I felt bloated (like I was drowning). Since I began using the Aqua formulas I easily drink over 2 liters of filtered water each day. Other benefits I have noticed are that I have less pain in my joints, my skin quality and hydration have improved and I actually feel thirsty and enjoy drinking water.”

Lauren M.,  Kew Australia

What are Symptoms of Compromised Hydration?

Signs of dehydration are many.  Energy loss is usually the first sign of dehydration because the cells lose water first.  Water is a primary driving force of energy production inside the cells, so even a little water loss causes a big drop in energy.  Some say that for every one percent drop of water inside your cells that energy production is cut by 10%.

Other symptoms include:

  • fatigue,
  • headaches,
  • moodiness,
  • feeling drained,
  • noticeable thirst,
  • unquenchable thirst,
  • feeling lightheaded or dizzy,
  • rapid heartbeat, dry lips and mouth,
  • wrinkles and sagging skin,
  • infrequent urination,
  • a dark colored or strong smelling urine,
  • digestive problems,
  • constipation,
  • allergies.

Researchers who study hydration suggest that compromised hydration is at the core of serious health problems. Some suggest that good hydration can aid in the cure of arthritis, back pain, angina, migraines, colitis, asthma, high blood pressure, adult-onset diabetes, high cholesterol, metabolism problems, weight loss, kidneys, joint problems, lower back problems, morning sickness,  heartburn, arthritis, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, loss of libido and other chronic and degenerative diseases.  Some health care researchers suggest that chronic conditions are caused by compromised hydration.

The typical response to the brain’s signal to drink is often the opposite of what our bodies truly need. We drink because of habit, ritual or taste, not because we are thirsty. The signal for thirst becomes grossly distorted. We wind up drinking even more drinks that dehydrate our bodies when, in reality, our bodies are thirsty for life enhancing water. When we drink soft drinks or alcoholic beverages, we become thirstier and wind up drinking even more soft drinks or more alcohol. Sound familiar?

I suffered headaches and migraines for more than I care to remember. But if you need a close figure it would be around the 20 year mark. I have spent a small fortune on all different sorts of professional modalities, from chiropractors, osteopaths, soft tissue therapies, naturopaths, neurologists,
medications, even botox injections throughout the back of my head.I first heard of Aqua Hydration Formulas (AHF) during an oncology massage course that I was a participant in. As a remedial massage therapist, and a microbiologist in my previous career, the information given just seemed to leap out at me as to the possible benefits for myself. I ordered AHF on-line and within 2 weeks my constant headache began to ease, and within 3 weeks it had completely gone. My headaches would always be a lot more intense around my period time. I thought that this was mainly attributed to hormones but it now appears that it may have actually been due to an increase in dehydration due to blood loss. I still suffer slight pain around this time, but nowhere near the intensity I have always drunk a lot of water, and hence did not think that it could be dehydration. I now believe that, for whatever reason, my body was on a ‘short hydration pathway’, rather than the ‘long hydration pathway’. I did not even know there was such a thing. The exact science of it, well to be honest, I do not know at this stage. But I do know that I am one happy camper! I even sleep a lot better! Thank you AHF!Nicole S. (age 37), Melbourne, Australia

What Habits Contribute to Compromised Hydration?

We drink soft drinks, sport drinks, energy drinks, vitamin waters, juice, milk, tea, coffee, and alcoholic beverages. These popular drinks may be enjoyable but are they providing the adequate body hydration that is the foundation of health and vitality? The answer is no.

Soft drinks, both colas and uncolas, have no real nutritional value. Acids are used to carbonate soft drinks and chemicals are often used to flavor these beverages.  Damage to your teeth and weaker bones may result with extensive use.  The carbohydrates in soft drinks have the effect of slowing down the absorption of water in the body. Soft drinks promote weight gain. The diet soft drinks contain unhealthy sweeteners and additives.

Coffee and tea, both diuretics, tend to promote water loss.  A diuretic is any substance that tends to increase the flow of urine which causes the body to get rid of excess water. The term diuretic suggests that the kidneys are required to take more water out of your bloodstream even as you are taking water into your digestive system by drinking.  If you add milk, sugar or chocolate to your coffee or tea, the rate of water absorption is reduced further.

Alcohol consumption dehydrates your body. Alcohol promotes water loss by depressing production of the anti diuretic hormone called vasopressin, which acts on the kidneys, concentrating the urine by promoting the reabsorption of water and salt in the body.  Vasopressin helps to regulate the concentration of fluids in the body. Interference with its action leads to an increased loss of body fluid from urination which can lead to dehydration.  Alcohol induced water loss can also lead to the loss of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, and zinc which are involved in maintaining fluid balance in the body, as well as nerve and muscle action.

Sports drinks do not generally hydrate better than water.  While they may give you a short term energy hit they do not contribute to long term hydration. They also do not necessarily quench thirst.  What do they do? They give you a boost of carbohydrates and provide electrolytes that are lost with perspiration.  Just like soft drinks, the carbohydrates  slow down the absorption of water in the body. They may also contain chemicals and sugar that your body doesn’t need.  

“I want to tell you about my experience with the aquas. I placed my first order for them some time ago. I used then for a while but honestly I wasn’t very diligent about taking them, and then I just stopped taking them, until about 3 weeks ago. I was so constipated that I thought I was going to have to have my husband take me to the emergency room. I thought to myself, something has got to change. Besides the constipation I was having terrible back pain. I couldn’t figure out why after all these years why I was starting to get back pain.

I was doing some research and I came across an article by you and Deborah, “Water is the Ticket to Good Health”. I read it and decided to start drinking more water, I even measured my glass I was using so I knew how many ounces it held. I also started making changes in my diet. I was noticing that I was having more severe movement problems whenever I ate meat. I could hardly walk and I had a terrible time turning over in bed. I started to eat mostly vegetables and fish. My husband does most of the cooking now and he was very supportive as he knew I was going through a difficult time.

The good news is I placed another order for the aquas because “I was no longer constipated” and I no longer had any pain at all. When I started drinking more water I started the aquas once again. This time I was religious about taking them. I noticed a huge difference in how I felt.


Juiceswhich could be categorized as  food, have carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes but are not the best thirst quencher.  Undiluted juice also has fructose (a form of sugar) which reduces the rate that the cells can absorb water even further.  The result is that cells aren’t hydrated very quickly.

Milk may provide some hydration, although the sugars in milk slow down the hydration process.  In addition, many people are lactose intolerant.  Lactose is the primary sugar found in milk and foods with milk.  Intolerance means you cannot digest foods with lactose in them.  Many people have digestive and gastric disturbances from milk, resulting in dehydration.

Vitamin waters contain vitamins, minerals and herbs that are advertised to do something extra for you. Usually, they are loaded with sugar for flavoring, contain chemicals, have electrolytes and are packed with over 100 calories per bottle. You are better off drinking pure water and taking a multiple vitamin supplement that you and your health care provider have determined is right for you.  Vitamin drinks are not the best choice to hydrate your body.

Energy drinks or power drinks tend to have high doses of sugar and caffeine as well as many chemicals and additives that can dehydrate your body.


AQUAS are a unique form of energy medicine that work by treating the individual, not by altering the water itself.  AQUAS were formulated using a unique combination of 16 natural ingredients to reprogram the thirst mechanism in the brain so that we drink when we are thirsty.

AQUAS were designed so that we drink water when the body needs water.  And, they were formulated so that the water we drink is more readily absorbed by all of our tissues and cells.

AQUAS were formulated to make possible …

  • an optimal balance of fluids in the body.
  • an efficient transfer of water to cells and tissues.
  • a reduction of toxic substances in the tissues and cells

What Are AQUAS? 

AQUAS combine herbal extracts, Bach Flower Essences and other homeopathic remedies. The ingredients were formulated to help the brain remember how to signal thirst and distribute water where it is needed in the body as well as assist the optimal uptake of water right down to the cellular level.

How Do Aquas Work?

AQUAS function in a way that is markedly different when compared to other hydration products. They work vibrationally to support the body’s return to balance and full functionality. AQUAS were formulated to help the body control the balance of water so that every cell receives the nourishment it needs to function at an optimal level.    They are a homeopathic energy medicine in the sense that only a few drops produce powerful results. Taking more drops does not produce better results.    AQUAS were designed to:

  • work on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of each individual,
  • support the body’s natural self healing abilities,
  • enhance positive mental states,
  • encourage emotional balance.

A wide variety of emotional conditions may lead to compromised dehydration. These include depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress. AQUAS contain Bach Flower Essences that are derived from nontoxic substances. Dr. Bach explains that his flower essences enhance the emotional state of the individual by transforming negative emotions into positive ones.

At Zero Point Healers, our personal experience with AQUAS is that they address  emotional issues that can block a person from realizing their full  potential in life. Good hydration creates the conditions for emotional, physical and mental balance in the body, resulting in improved cellular uptake and transfer of nutrients through all the membranes and tissues of the body.

There is an age old saying: “If this product is that great, it must not be true.”  There are exceptions to every rule. This is one of them.

How Were the Aquas Developed?

AQUAS were developed using a synergistic process using the tried and true traditions of intuition and biofeedback studies. They have been continuously evaluated for quality and effectiveness over a 10 year period using traditional trial and error chemistry protocols. Biofeedback studies were used to monitor hydration before using the AQUAS and after using them. This made it possible to see how they worked most effectively.

The end result is the product release for men and for women.

Why are AQUAS Patented?

The core components of the Aqua Hydration Formulas are patented because of the synergy that is created from combining the core ingredients. The combined effect conveys a subtle but powerful signal to the body. No single ingredient works independently. Rather, it is the unique combination, or synergy, of all the core AQUA ingredients makes it a unique formula.

Biofeedback studies show that this synergy makes it possible for the body to maintain an optimum balance of water throughout all membranes, tissues and organs. These studies  show that the combined effect of all ingredients helps to maintain mental, physical and emotional homeostasis in the body.

What will happen to me when I begin taking the AQUAS?

People react differently depending on their personal health history. Our experience at Zero Point Healers is that some clients feel the positive effects of the AQUAS immediately. Others initially experience the effects of releasing toxins from their bodies. These people  may experience one or more symptoms such as headaches, nausea and fatigue.  Emotions that have not been experienced for a long time may be felt as our bodies wake up and begin to function at their peak potential.

These  re-balancing effects are perfectly natural and temporary – the expected response to any detoxification process. With a well hydrated body there is finally sufficient water to remove toxins that are lodged in the tissues.

Detoxification symptoms are more common in people who are unwell. It generally takes a few days for these detoxification  effects to subside or for heightened emotions to lose their intensity. Physical and emotional effects can feel unfamiliar in the beginning. As the fluids in the body strive for balance, the effects of detoxification generally disappear.

John Coleman, a naturopathic doctor in Melbourne, Australia, recommends that anyone diagnosed with Parkinson’s (or any critical disease for that matter) should start with a baseline of one drop per day in the morning and evening. If side effect symptoms are too overpowering, a further dilution may be needed. Extensive information about diluting AQUAS can be found in John Coleman’s book, Stop Parkin’ and Start Livin’: Reversing the Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

John Coleman ND has worked with many, many clients with health problems. If you are currently ill, he suggests

that you experiment to discover the number of drops per day that are right for your body. John explains that you will know when you have found the dose that is perfect for you when you experience no side effects whatsoever.

“I first discovered the Aqua Hydration Formulas in 1997 while struggling with advanced Parkinson’s disease and early-stage Multi-system Atrophy. I believe that the Aquas played a significant part in my complete recovery from these disorders.

Since 1998, I have practiced as a Naturopath and prescribed the Aquas for many of my clients. I believe the Aquas enhance healing in many ways, and have observed remarkable progress in those condemned by Western Medicine to lives of illness and misery. In combination with dedicated self-help, diet, trauma repair, exercise and selective bodywork, the Aquas play a major role in healing cell membranes and restoring cell function.

I feel that everyone can benefit from taking the Aqua Hydration Formulas, especially those challenged with Parkinson’s disease and similar disorders.”

John Coleman ND, MANPA, MBTAV

Aquas Research 

Although biofeedback studies of AQUAS show they are effective, no controlled clinical trials have evaluated their effectiveness.  A clinical study that will examine the effectiveness of the core components of AQUAS is in the planning stage.

Disclaimer: The Food and Drug Administration in the United States has not evaluated the statements contained herein. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult with your health care provider before including the AQUAS in your heath regime.

How Does the AQUA Technology Compare to Other Hydration Products?   

Structured Water

AQUAS provide a markedly different approach to hydrating the body when compared with  “structured” water products such as Penta Water. “Structured” water products reduce the size of the water molecules so that water enters the cells more readily. There are three problems with this approach.

First, you may become dependent on drinking “structured” water products every day to be hydrated. This is inconvenient and can wind up costing a fortune.

  • The AQUA SolutionThe body already has a natural, internal mechanism to restructure the utilization of water.  AQUAS were designed to encourage this natural mechanism to function as intended.

Second, to hydrate using “structured” water products you become dependent on one water source by drinking from that source every day.

  • The AQUA Solution: AQUAS does not make you dependent on any single water source. You can add the drops to any water source you choose. Of course, everyone benefits from drinking pure water from safe and nontoxic sources.

Third, “structured” water products are sold in plastic bottles that may contain toxic substances which clutter and pollute the environment. You may ingest toxins.

  • The AQUA SolutionAQUAS are distributed in recyclable, nontoxic glass bottles with pure ingredients.

AQUAS were formulated to restore the function of the thirst reflex which, when working, tells us when we need water. AQUAS were designed to assist water uptake. That is to say, they were designed to help the body hydrate the natural way.

Cost Comparison

When compared to the structured water products, the good news is that there is a significantly lower cost to using the AQUAS. Consider a very conservative cost comparison:

Compare two bottles of Penta water per day = $6.00


Ten drops of AQUAS per day (2 months) = $1.57

Six drops of AQUAS per day (4 months)  =   78 cents

Four drops of AQUAS per day  (6 months) =  52 cents

Persons with chronic health conditions may need only one drop a day.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are used to replenish electrolytes, sugar and other nutrients when you exercise strenuously for a minimum of 60 minutes. Without doing the exercise they may be toxic to the body as they contain sodium and carbohydrates and other unhealthy ingredients. Without exercising you may become bloated and even gain weight.

The Aquas Solution

In stark contrast with sports drinks, AQUAS are a natural and healthy energy medicine. As a homeopathic remedy, only a few drops in fresh, filtered water produce the optimal hydration result. The good news is that the cost is considerably less than drinking sports drinks. You are not motivated to want more. Better yet, you do not become bloated or gain weight.

One 20 ounce bottle of Gatorade per day = $2.00

One 20 ounce bottle of Powerade per day = $2.00


Ten drops of AQUAS per day  (2 months) = $1.57

Six drops of AQUAS per day (4 months)  =   $ .78

Four drops of AQUAS per day (6 months) =   $.52

Persons with chronic health conditions may need only one drop a day.

AQUAS are Now Available in the USA

AQUAS have been available primarily to Australians for the past decade. The good news is that AQUAS are now available to everyone in the United States. Zero Point Healers is privileged and honored to bring the AQUAS to the USA, Canada and other countries across the continents.

At Zero Point Healers, LLC,  (www.zeropointhealers.com) we have worked with hundreds of clients with a wide range of health problems. The focus of our work is energetic. We address the underlying reasons for illness and focus on allowing the body to release  stress and trauma that has been trapped deep inside the tissues.

Striving for optimum health is an ongoing process for everyone. We at Zero Point Healers are always searching for great products or procedures to assist the body in its natural healing process.

Then  one day  we stumbled across an incredible product. For a year, Zero Point Healers in conjunction with Ann Egerton, a top notch healer, had been doing a study to evaluate the effects of energy healing on persons with Parkinson’s. Over the course of our study we met John Coleman, ND, a naturopath  from Australia, who had personally recovered from an advanced stage os Parkinson’s.

How did John recover? He attributes his recovery to a number of factors including the release of trauma through energy healing. But at the top of his reasons for his own recovery was his use of the Aqua formulas. He convinced us that one foundational reason why critically ill people do not recover is because they suffer compromised hydration.

We decided to take his advice seriously. John visited Olympia, Washington and brought us our own personal bottles of the Aqua hydration formulas. We have now been taking them for 14 months. We were so impressed and inspired by the AQUAS that we decided to contact the brilliant Australians who created them!

We each have our own stories about using the AQUAS. Robert’s story first, then Deborah’s.

“It was several weeks after John brought the Aqua hydration formulas and I still had not begun taking them. There was no big hurry. I knew the Aquas were energetic interventions. It always takes energetic interventions time to change the physical body. I figured it would take at least a month to feel the effects from taking the Aquas on a regular basis. My elbows felt like the back of an elephant and the skin on my face was scaly but – whatever – I am a man who does not bother looking in the mirror very often.

The day finally came when I took my morning AM bottle of drops. Later that morning I wisped off to my ritualistic run down beside the waters of the Puget Sound. I just happen to have my Superman shirt on that day.

Now I have been running for years so I know what it feels like to run up hills and what it feels like to pour on the coal. This day, however, was a day like no other I have experienced. For the first time in my entire running life (and for those who are curious I am four decades older than 21), I flew up hills as if I were Superman. The Superman shirt actually fit. It wasn’t even a joke. I had never run so effortlessly in my life. The recoil time was rapid and my peak running stints did not create the heavy breathing that sounds like I am about to die which is my typical daily experience with running.

The bottom line is (without all the hyperbole) that hydrating my body using Aquas created an amazing result. My youth had returned at last. I love feeling 18 again. I actually had so much energy that I had to cut down the number of drops I took from 3 drops to 2 drops a day. I could feel the cells throughout my body being nourished and revitalized. My daily productivity increased by at least 50% because of the increased stamina and energy I felt from taking the Aquas. 

My elbows converted to the softness of a baby’s cheek. Well, almost. My  wrinkles faded. Daily swings in my weight stabilized. I lost 10 years off of my age. It makes a huge difference to the age you look when the largest organ in the body – the skin – is soft and tender. Now I do not mind looking in the mirror more than once a month. 

I figure if people knew about the Aqua formulas, they would not bother getting face lifts or other plastic surgery. Aquas are much less expensive to use and painless. Better yet, they use a combination of perfectly safe ingredients.”   


“I also did not immediately use the Aqua hydration formulas when we received them from John.  Too many things to do, too many supplements to take each day, too many things to attend to as a mother of two wild and wacky nearly adult sons. I would get around to the Aquas eventually, as is my style.  But, when I witnessed Robert’s amazing burst of energy and well-being, how he was getting things accomplished with optimism and enthusiasm, I was encouraged to start.

Now, being as sensitive as I am, I decided to begin with one drop of the Aquas in the AM and one drop in the PM, just to see how my body would respond.  After all, all I had to do was to hold the bottles in my hand to experience the essence of the formulas.  And, being a woman, it was way too much energy for me to hold the Male Aqua formulas. Wow. I could feel why Robert had become Superman!  Holding the Female Aqua formulas in my hand felt much more comforting to me.  And so, my intuition paid off.  With one drop, I could instantly feel the Aquas working in my body and in my psyche.  That first drop started a process in me that has not quit.

I instantly felt a warm rush of well-being spread within and throughout every cell of my being.  I felt my energy field quickly expanding so that I felt myself to be a much larger and profound presence in the universe.  I continue to have more energy and optimism, and believe that the Aquas could be wonderful to combat anxiety and depression (I’ve been in the mental health field for over 30 years). 

But, one of the most fascinating results of my taking the Aquas (now that I have stabilized to 2 drops per dosage) is that my 16 year old son, Stefan, has stopped teasing me with his turkey gobbling noises, which were intended to focus on my bagging facial and neck skin.  Stefan had to admit that within a few weeks of taking the Aquas, that my few facial wrinkles and more profoundly, my sagging neckline, had disappeared!  Even my girlfriends noticed that my “old lady neck” had disappeared, and they, naturally, expressed interest in the Aquas for this reason alone.

Let me add, my skin is smooth and soft again, and the appearance of my waistline and especially my legs and thighs has improved dramatically.  So, I am on my way back to the beauty that I was before Menopause knocked on my door. I am 54 but continue to get carded at the movie theatre so I can get into an R-rated movie. Ha!  And my exercise routine had a boost, just like Robert’s.  I can pedal my bike like a wild woman!

So, my advice to you is..give the Aquas a try and see what they will do for you!  This is the most cost effective product I have ever used in my life!   Energy medicine works in mysterious, synergistic ways that nothing else can match!”  


AQUAS are:

  • Effective
  • Fully tested
  • Evaluated and researched
  • Mindfully produced
  • Safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Patented

Consult with Your Health Care Professional Before Taking the AQUAS

The US FDA has not evaluated the statements contained herein. AQUAS are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Why were the AQUAS Created?

Most people believe that drinking more water will insure that they do not become dehydrated. Life would be simple if this were true. Unfortunately, this is a myth.

Scientists have known for years that drinking more water does not necessarily ensure that cells in the body have enough fluids to function and thrive. It is not only how much water you drink but how well you absorb and metabolize water that counts. As people age the problem of dehydration becomes worse. The consequences are disease and illness, wrinkles, bagging skin and more.

AQUAS were originally developed to help the performance of athletes. Dr. Boublik was able to run the marathon in his own record time because of the amazing benefits of what is now known as the AQUAS. This is why Dr. Jaroslav Boublik, a Ph.D. medical researcher, collaborated with Leonie Hibbert, a natural  health therapist  to refine and manufacture a product they now call the AQUAS, a perfect name for a perfect solution.

AQUAS were designed to help to re-set the master control system in the body to regulate the amount of water that is in the cells.  This formula was created to invigorate the body’s natural thirst reflex. AQUAS make optimal hydration possible for persons of all ages  whether they are well or ill.

good hydration boosts energy –

Good hydration improves the uptake of water throughout the body by making the conditions ripe for long path hydration. People who are dehydrated are victims of short path hydration. The sad news is that many people who are dehydrated do not even know it.

Short path hydration means that fluids follow a path from the mouth to the stomach to the small intestines into the circulation, then the kidneys, the bladder and out of the body. With short path hydration, virtually all of the organs in the body are bypassed. It is little wonder that compromised hydration is the number one trigger of daytime fatigue.

AQUAS are designed to help convert the delicate process of hydrating the body from short path hydration to long path hydration. With long path hydration water flows into the organs, tissues and cells of the body. Water is distributed where it is needed before being sent to the kidneys. Stress on the kidneys is relieved, leaving critical organs in the body to do their work without stress or aggravation. The result can be  a burst of new energy and stamina.

Good hydration optimizes the uptake of nutrients –

Good hydration enhances the ability of the body to absorb water. The twin benefits of more effective penetration are to supply needed nutrients and to flush the harmful toxins from cells. If cells do not have sufficient fluid, toxins become glued to the cell walls and cannot be excreted. When the toxic buildup reaches a critical mass, the cell dies.

The AQUA patented core technology combines herbal extracts, homeopathic remedies and Bach Flower Essences into a special synergistic formula concentrate.

Why bother to make sure your body is hydrated every day of the week? Without adequate hydration metabolism in the body is slowed by 3% or more. Toxins build up in the body. You gain weight.

Good hydration releases toxins from the body –

According to a recent four year scientific study by the Natural Resources Defense Council bottled water is not always filtered and safer than tap water. Both bottled water and tap water may contain contaminants that are toxic to the body. It is important to drink good, clean water that has natural minerals. Using a good filter system for water such as the Wellness Filter can also make a huge difference.

AQUAS were created to nourish the thirst reflex so that it functions properly. Bioabsorption is enhanced. With improved hydration in the body, there is an efficient transport mechanism for the transfer of nutrients to the cells and the removal of waste and toxins from the cells. Detoxification takes place gently, with less stress on the delicate systems of the body.

Studies have shown that exercise, use of drugs or medications (including caffeine), and exposure to environmental toxins significantly increase the kidney’s requirement for water. The thirst reflex in many people is seriously compromised, so there is no motivation to drink water when your body needs it. This is one reason cells become overloaded with toxins.

The aqua formulas have been part of my daily routine for at least 10 years. As a traveling performer and actor over the years I was often on the road for long periods of time. Sometimes my supplies of the Aquas would run out. Symptoms of dehydration returned: dry mouth, unexplained headaches, fatigue and even gastric reflux, all of which I used to experience on a regular basis. During hot periods in the summer months I would often find myself drinking large amounts of fluids, feeling bloated and still thirsty. All of these symptoms vanish when I’m taking the Aquas.

G. Baird, Elwood Australia

 Good hydration decreases the risk of disease –

Water provides the medium for movement of heat from the core of the body to the surface. Water is the fundamental matrix for all biochemical reactions that together make up cellular metabolism.

AQUAS were designed to help the thirst reflex in the brain to remember how to control the delicate balance of water that needs to be maintained in the body. The brain’s central control center can be reprogrammed.

The good news is that better hydration cuts the risk of many diseases. Adequate hydration cuts the risk of breast cancer by 79%, reduces the risk of colon cancer by 45% and slashes the risk of bladder cancer by 50%.

Good hydration enhances mental clarity –

Good hydration helps you become mentally alert throughout the day. A drop of just 2% in body water causes short term memory problems and difficulty with concentration.

AQUAS were specifically formulated so that (1) thirst for a person who seldom experiences thirst is activated and (2) unsatiated thirst for a person who never feels like they get enough to drink is addressed.

Good hydration improves digestion –

Good hydration insures that sufficient fluid is present in the digestive track to distribute nutrients to the body.

A digestive system without sufficient fluid is constipated and inefficient. Even when good food is ingested, fluid is essential for the nutrients to pass through the delicate membrane barriers of the intestines so that nutrients can be transported to the vital organs throughout the body.

Just wanted to let you know how delighted I am using the Aqua hydration formulas during international flights. My most recent trip was of 7 days duration, 2 1/2 days in Italy and the rest traveling. This is the 4th time I have used the Aqua’s during long flights and the difference needs to be experienced to be believed.

Jenny B, Beaumauris, Australia

 Good hydration softens skin texture –

Good hydration makes it possible for water to move through all the membranes of the body so that the largest organ in the body, the skin, is better hydrated.

How do you know if your body is dehydrated? Hydration can be tested by pinching the skin on the back of your hand. If it springs back to its original shape, chances are good that hydration is satisfactory. If, on the other hand, a small ridge appears for a few seconds, you lack sufficient fluid in your body. When the skin is dehydrated wrinkles multiply, skin becomes scaly and muscles are flabby.

Good hydration slows the aging process –

Good hydration lowers the surface tension of the water that is ingested and reduces the cluster size of its molecules. AQUAS were formulated to reset the water balance mechanism and thus improve the bioavailability of water at the cellular level.

A little known fact is that adequate hydration relieves back and joint pain for 80% of sufferers

A key reason for poor hydration as we age is the gradual decline of the thirst mechanism in the brain. When we are young and get thirsty there is no stopping us when we want a drink.

A different story emerges as we age. The thirst signal becomes distorted because we ignore it and because we drink dehydrating drinks such as coffee or alcohol. For most people, the thirst mechanism in the brain becomes compromised as early as the teenage years.

Since using the Aqua’s my husband Padraraig , who has run marathons in the past and is now training for one in October, coming from being very unfit, finds he has much more energy and is enjoying the training more than usual considering how unfit he is!

When my husband has completed a long run, he would have sore, painful and tired legs. But since he has been on the Aquas he finds no pain or soreness and the tiredness does not last as long ( this may be helped by Bowen technique too).

My daughter Sinead is ‘much happier’ after using the Aqua’s – had some headaches before. Now has none.

Alice. O. Practitioner – Ireland.

Good hydration helps control body weight –

Good hydration resets the thirst mechanism in the brain so that hunger is not confused with thirst. The obvious benefit is a subsequent loss of excess weight due to eating too much food.

When the thirst reflex is not functioning many people confuse the thirst message sent by the brain with the hunger message. The thirst mechanism in the body is so weak that it is mistaken for hunger in one third of Americans. Instead of drinking water we eat too much. Weight gain and obesity is a major health threat in the USA and a growing concern around the globe.

To Summarize …Good hydration is critical to good health. It creates reserves of energy throughout the day. Vitality may be restored, encouraging us to feel much younger. Mental clarity may be enhanced. The digestive system prepares the nutrients for transport to each and every cell. Skin texture softens. Aging can be slowed. Wrinkles may vanish. Bagging skin can firm.

Good hydration promotes overall health and well being. It is the perfect solution for athletes who want to enhance their lifestyle and for people with health challenges. Better digestion is facilitated. Harmful toxins are removed. Weight control may be restored. Ability to handle stress can be enhanced. The natural aging process may be slowed. Pain from aching joints may be reduced. Overall flexibility in the body can be restored.

In other words with good hydration all systems in the body begin to function at their peak potential. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. As simple minded as it may sound, water and optimal hydration is the secret to good health.

“I am eighty years of age and have suffered with severe vertigo.I was advised by a health professional to take the Aqua’s. After taking them regularly for 18 months the vertigo disappeared completely and I have not had an attack for 4 years.”

Ray A. Australia.

I have been using the Aqua’s for a few years now. The main changes I have noticed are better sleep, increased alertness, better skin tone, reduced recovery time after exercise – improved general health and well being.”

John S. Melbourne, Australia

What follows are questions on Dehydration by Robert Rodgers, Ph.D. & Answers by Leonie Hibbert, one of the Aquas Creators

 How would I really know that I am dehydrated?

In all the years I’ve worked with people, I would say that I have rarely met anyone who’s had optimum hydration. Some of the symptoms that you might come across:- no desire to drink water or not liking the taste of water when you do drink it, regular sugar or coffee cravings, or sweet drinks like cola drinks etc. in an attempt to increase your blood sugar and increase energy. You might have digestive problems like heartburn or you might experience constipation. You might be under some kind of hormonal distress, which can activate your anti-diuretic hormone. You might have fluid retention problems, because hydration is not just about fluid moving into the tissue, it’s also about fluids ( and therefore toxins) releasing from the tissue. You might simply feel tired or and fatigued. In those cases sleepiness takes over as the brain struggles to sustain it’s energy and oxygen levels. You might have generalized back pain. As you can see there is a lot of symptoms that may indicate that hydration is compromised.

I drink water all the time. I mean, I drink everyday, I bring a water bottle with me wherever I go and I’m still thirsty. What’s going on?

Hydration is really about water up-take, not just water in-take. It’s also about the quality of the water that you’re drinking. Sometimes we’re actually drinking water but it’s flushing through our systems and perhaps not being absorbed well. This may have come about through all sorts of reasons. As I said maybe the quality of water with the chemicals that are added to purify it – if not filtered as it comes from the tap may in fact inhibit its hydrating capacity. It may have happened as a result of the medication that people are taking or the poor dietary habits people have had over the years. People often eat when in fact the body signal may be telling them that they are thirsty. Sometimes that water may not efficiently get to where it is needed, for example hydrating your bones may be down the priority list in the body hydration processes, so it makes sense to ensure that the water is being optimally absorbed .

I’ve read all about these drops that you take but it’s hard for me to believe that you basically take a few drops in the morning and a few drops in the evening from another bottle and that is suppose to help your hydration. How does this really work anyway?

It does sounds simple, and they are very simple to use. The Aquas are designed to support long path hydration to ensure that we don’t have a flushing effect. Their purpose is to support the body to actually up-take that water and support long path hydration in the body. They are also designed to support switching on the thirst mechanism, which resides in the hypothalamus in the brain. So yes, they are simple and effective remedies even though it’s been a complex process to research and design the formulas.

I’ve been using the Aquas now for a while and I was thinking, what would be really neat is to just double the number of drops that I took. So, instead of taking five drops, I’ll take ten drops. I don’t know, it didn’t seem to make any difference. Why isn’t more better?

The Aquas are mostly homeopathic. More is not better when using homeopathic preparations – a larger dose does not translate into a better effect. Sometimes when people are less well, the suggestion is that they actually have better results by using a much smaller dose. These are subtle vibrational remedies. So it’s not like taking a gross nutritional supplement where you might take a thousand milligrams to get a better result. The homeopathic process is to gently switch on mechanisms in the body ( mechanisms that may have been compromised for many years) and we don’t need to metaphorically hit you over the head with a sledgehammer to do that. So, doubling the dose, doesn’t necessarily change how the Aqua’s work, it just means your wasting your drops and therefore your money. Things need to change gently and effectively.

You use the word homeopathy, which is a strange word to me. What is that all about? How does homeopathy work anyway?

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine first defined by Samuel Hahnemann in the 18th century. Homeopathic practitioners contend that an ill person can be treated using a substance that can produce, in a healthy person, symptoms similar to those of the illness. According to homeopaths, serial dilution, with shaking between each dilution, removes the toxic effects of the remedy while the qualities of the substance are retained by the diluents (water, sugar, or alcohol). The end product is often so diluted that it is indistinguishable from pure water, sugar or alcohol.

There are a lot of ingredients that I read in each of those bottles. How did you figure out what ingredients to put in the bottles? I mean, what is it that makes them work?

There are three core ingredients in all of the Aquas, which are homeopathics of three herbs. The common names of those herbs are Golden Seal, Slippery Elm and Sarsaparilla Root in homeopathic potency. It is a patented mix. We worked with using a method of biofeedback in our design process, so rather than just using guesswork and accepted information, we actually did our research with real people to discover the combination of which particular components gave us the best results over time. To those core ingredients we added flowers etc. which then enabled us to refine the formulas further to be gender and time specific. We believe that males and females have some different metabolic priorities in the body. The Aqua’s were not developed in the traditional way. We worked with the synergy of those components as we put them together. The effect of the combined components together produce a different result than perhaps those things would if they were chosen individually. That’s what makes the Aquas unique.

I am a man. Are you saying that it wouldn’t be a smart thing for me to take the female aquas? That I really need to take the male aquas.

We’ve refined them, but really, no, they wouldn’t hurt you at all, if you’ve picked up your partners Aquas by mistake it would be perfectly safe, you wouldn’t turn into a woman. However we wanted to address those subtleties so that we could be more specific. But, it’s Ok. Nothing would happen to you if you picked up the wrong bottle. Because they all have the same core ingredients you would benefit anyway.

You say that the Aquas are really safe. I have a friend who’s really sick. Would the Aquas be something that they should consider taking?

If someone is quite ill, what we do find is that, in fact, people need an absolutely minimal dose. Generally when someone is quite unwell and they start to switch on these mechanisms in the body and hydration improves, sometimes they might have, what we call, a healing crisis in the body. When you switch things on and they haven’t worked well for a long time, it may be a shock to the system when biological processes begin to work more efficiently. If someone is quite unwell, it would be best to do that in the most gentle way. Even though these remedies are incredibly gentle overall, when people are very unwell it’s usually because their bodies haven’t been working well for quite sometime, particularly if they are older. If someone is younger, and not unwell, perhaps that initial effect is lessened because they haven’t built up the toxins and the imbalances in the body for so long. It would be recommended that if a person is unwell that they would be under the care of a health professional.

What your saying is that it’s possible that my friend, who is really sick, might start taking the Aquas and create a detox effect in the body. When we say detox effect what we mean is that there might be some side effects; for example they may get a headache or feel nauseous. Is that the case?

Yes, that’s right. It may be as simple as feeling a bit headachy for a few days. Generally, from the feedback we have, we find that kind of effect does not last more than a few days unless someone has a illness requiring more attention. We do know there are people with problems such as Parkinson’s Disease using these formulas so of course they are using very different dosage regime to what someone would be using as a generalized dose. Usually they are working with a practitioner. Having said that, you are right, in general it could be something like a bit of a headache, a bit of nausea and generally that passes within a few days. Most people have heard of what is known as the “Healing Crisis” which means that when you start actually getting well, the body starts moving some stored toxins out of the tissues. If that is a little rapid you could feel a little off for a few days. A recommendation, if that is the case, is that you increase the fluid in-take or even just reduce your dose remedy for a few day so that you make that process as gentle and easy as possible. We have little feedback about side effects unless someone is quite unwell.

How do you know that the Aquas actually work?

Generally, people will report things to us such as that they are feeling more satisfied by the foods they are eating, that their dry mouth has improved. They often say, “I’m sleeping better, my digestion is working better.” Their skin can change quite dramatically, the quality of the skin, so sometimes it’s hard for people to put their finger on a particular thing because of that subtle change that happens in the body. We are talking here about hydrating, which is a lifetime issue. We are not trying to correct everything in a few days. This is a process that happens over time. And when a process happens over time, it is quite interesting how lots of things change, but some of them are quite subtle. So, unless we really reflect on it, we may miss the fact that some of those changes are appearing, but they are. As I said, things like having improved digestion, sleeping better, feeling more alert. Some people will have more significant changes and some people will be more subtle ones. Certainly through our biofeedback studies, we have shown that there has been an increase in the percentage uptake of fluids in the body and that helps everything work better.

Are you saying that this is an anti-aging remedy? That, I’ll look younger if I start taking the aquas?

It’s a fact that the over our lifetime, we gradually dehydrate. A baby can be up to 90% water and someone at the age of 80 can be as low as 59% water. So it is simply a fact that over our life we gradually dehydrate, therefore if we are dehydrating we are aging more quickly. So it makes sense that if we are going to improve our hydration, we are going to have an impact on the nature of how the tissue and cells in the body age. So I guess you would call that de-aging.

I see that in order to use the Aquas, I purchase two bottles, an AM bottle and a PM bottle. How long do these bottles last?

A set of Aquas, as you say, includes an AM bottle plus a PM. If you were using those drops at an average of 5 drops, once a day each, and you use them 5 out of 7 days, that set of aquas would last you two months. A very economical product.

Do Aquas accomplish the very same thing as botox accomplishes when you’re trying to eliminate the wrinkles?

No Robert. Botox is what I would term an acute medicine, used when people are seeking an immediate dramatic result. Whereas the Aqua’s are attending to your overall body hydration. I guess you might call a side effect of good hydration is better looking skin. So, no, it’s not going to disappear all your wrinkles instantly but it may contribute to reducing, softening, improving the quality of your skin without any side effects and in fact have a positive impact for the rest of your system.

Why can’t I solve the problem of dehydration by simply drinking more water?

There are many qualities of water and, yes of course you can improve the situation if you drink plenty of purified water. The difficulty we find over and over again is compliance. People say “I don’t want to drink it.” “I don’t like the taste of it.” etc. And this can occur due to the thirst mechanism being switched off in the brain. You probably could help to switch on that mechanism by flooding your system with water. However you may also find that you just put additional stress on your kidneys and flush out some valuable nutrients that need to stay in your system. It is not really an efficient way to go about this. The Aqua’s were designed to support switching on the thirst mechanism and making the most of the least, in terms of the amount of water you need to drink. Just drinking more is not always enough.

Many people take Aquas who happen to have the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Where did this idea come from to essentially take Aquas if you have Parkinson’s?

It came from the work of Dr. John Coleman who is a Naturopath here in Melbourne, Australia. We worked with him quite some years ago with his fight with Parkinson’s and we discovered through that process that having a healthy, well hydrated system was one of the primary issues when dealing with neuro-degenerative disease. The Aqua’s were not designed specifically for Parkinson’s; it just so happens that they address the issue of hydration, which is a primary issue with Parkinson’s Disease. For more information people can read more on your web site about John Coleman’s story.

Will the Aquas help people who have diabetes?

The Aquas weren’t designed to address specific disease. They were designed to address the issue of hydration and, as the issue of hydration underpins wellness, they are likely to be beneficial in disease states, whatever they are.

Will the Aquas help people who have problems with constipation?

If you have a well hydrated bowel, it will help to help facilitate the transport of waste product through the bowel. If the bowel is not well hydrated, that’s could contribute to constipation.

Why do you recommend a break one or two days a week from taking the Aquas?

To prevent the body becoming accustomed to the remedy. By having the break, you are taking that out of the equation, so that your body just doesn’t become immune to the remedy. As the remedy is supporting the thirst mechanism in the body and helping the body to regulate itself, it’s not always necessary to take it seven days a week. In fact, with generally well people we find the Aqua’s seem to be more efficient when used approximately 5 days in 7. Paradoxically, the feedback from practitioners is that people who are more advanced in their state of illness seem to benefit from a very small dose taken almost everyday.

Are the Aquas FDA approved?

No. The Aquas are approved in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration which is the government regulatory body that governs all natural remedies and prescription drugs here. As they are manufactured here in Australia they must comply with those regulations. As they are officially Listed products this informs the public that they have been deemed as safe.

The Aquas are being used by a friend of mine and they have seen considerable energy results, they’ve been staying up late at night but they have to get up early in the morning to go to work. So, my friend stopped taking the Aquas for a month because it was really just too much energy for them to handle. Should they stop taking the Aquas all together or what would you recommend they do?

Gosh. Too much energy to handle, that’s a problem and a half isn’t it? (Laughter) If only we all had that problem.

Not necessarily, they are supporting the resetting of mechanisms in the body. There must have been a reason that your friend had diminished energy to begin with and I imagine that if he just withdrew his hydrating support permanently he just may return to the same pattern of energy that he started with. I would suggest he continue to take his Aqua’s at a reduced dose so that his system gradually adjusts and things even out. Perhaps too, he may need to find a way to manage his increased energy and to better regulate his 24 hour clock so he can get appropriate rest at the right time. It does sound like he’s got energy that he’s not accustomed to having so he may need to do some more physical exertion to expend some of it. Ideally I would prefer to meet this fellow and ask a few more questions to clarify his situation.

How do you know if the Aquas are safe?

The Aquas are safe as deemed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia. In the ten years or more that they’ve been available there’s never been a report of a contra indication. Simply being registered as a Listed therapeutic product by the Therapeutic Goods Administration lets the customer know that it’s safe.

Who produces the Aquas?

The Aquas are contract manufactured in Melbourne by a leading herbal homeopathic company. They are produced under strict conditions that are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Premises are inspected regularly. High standards that must be adhered to in order to produce a Listed Therapeutic product.

Can the Aquas be an alternative to a facelift?

No, because a face lift is an acute surgical intervention and does not honor the natural effects of healthy aging. It’s like trying to turn back the clock with surgery The Aqua’s are supporting your body’s hydration so, in effect they’re slowing down the aging process by supporting improvement in the quality of your skin. The Aqua’s are not acute medicine; they are nutritional support to your biochemical and physiological system.

I am marathon runner. Can I be disqualified if I’m taking the Aquas?

Oh goodness no! In fact my colleague Jaroslav Boublik, who developed the Aqua’s with me, first met me whilst looking for assistance with his marathon run. They are safe, they are legal, and there are no components in the Aquas that would contravene any regulations for marathon runners. So yes, the Aqua’s are safe to use. In fact the Aquas are already used by many athletes.

Is a doctor’s prescription needed for the Aquas?

No, not in Australia. They’re an ‘over the counter remedy’, which means you do not need a doctor’s prescription. This classification means you can purchase them from any health food store or pharmacy or complimentary therapist.

Will the Aquas help my dry skin?

Yes, they will support dry skin by the nature of what happens when your body is well hydrated. However, skin can be dry for several reason; it may be other nutritional needs that become evident. Having said that, when you’re well hydrated it will ensure that your nutritional intake may be better absorbed and will give you better results with your skin.

I don’t like apple juice. Do I have to take the Aquas with apple juice?

No, you don’t have to take the Aquas with apple juice, however we do suggest that people use, particularly with the morning dose, a small amount – maybe a quarter of the glass to a third of the glass of a sub acidic juice. It could be grape, pear, pear and apple mix, whatever you like really, because it’s the fructose in the fruit juice that’s actually supporting the hydrating process. For those who have trouble drinking water the addition of a small amount of juice also facilitates compliance.

Is it really OK to take the Aquas with breakfast?

We suggest that you take the Aquas on rising. It is not advisable to drink water at the same time as eating as you will be diluting your digestive juices. Hence it is best taken when you get up in the morning. It’s akin to switching your system on and preparing your digestive system for food intake. That means that you really should be having your hydration drink at least 20 minutes before you eat to ensure that that water has been absorbed.

I’ve been using just one drop of the Aquas now for several days but I’m still having a mild headache. Is there anyway I can dilute the Aquas any further than just one drop or should I just stop taking them all together for a while?

Gosh, if you’re getting a headache from taking one drop, you must be rather sensitive, or perhaps you are having a detoxifying effect. There’s a couple of options. You either could reduce dose to every alternate day to slow the process. At the same time you would benefit from increasing your overall fluid intake over the day to minimize any detoxifying effect in the body. You may do as Dr. John Coleman has done with with his Parkinson’s patients. He puts a drop of Aqua’s in a glass water, empties it, and then refills the glass with the juice/water mix. Therefore there is only a very minimal trace left. Generally, the process of using the Aqua’s on alternate days should be adequate for most people if they are experiencing a mild headache. If you are in any doubt, please consult your health care professional.

What do you get when you order AQUAS?

AQUAS acknowledge the differences between male and female metabolism, so a unique product set exists depending on your gender.  Ingredients of the AQUAS correlate with well known differences in the ability of men and women to metabolize water.

Separate formulas have been developed to address the waking and sleeping cycles of metabolism. A separate formula concentrate exists for morning (AM) and evening (PM) for men and women.     


Men order and receive a set of two glass bottles of AQUA therapeutic drops, one AM bottle and one PM bottle. It is recommended you place 3-5 drops from the AM  concentrate bottle in a glass of water and drink it in the morning with apple or pear juice. A good ratio is 70% water and 30% apple juice. The apple juice helps the body process the energy medicine, but the drops can be taken with water without juice if preferred. The AM bottle  contains a unique combination of eight herbal extracts, homeopathics and Bach Flower essences.

Men follow the same procedure in the evening by placing 3-5 drops of the PM AQUA bottle in a glass of water and apple juice. A good ratio is 70% water to 30% juice. The PM AQUA bottle contains a unique combination of eight herbal extracts, homeopathics and Bach Flower Essences.

It is best to take the AM and PM drops for five days in a row, followed by a  break for two days. The reason for the break is to insure that the body does not become immunized from the use of the AQUAS day in and day out.

For men who are highly sensitive or who have health problems, John Coleman ND., recommends that you begin taking 1 drop a day from the AM bottle and one drop from the PM bottle. Even a dose of one drop may need to be diluted. John Coleman recommends ways to dilute the AQUAS in his book.

You can adjust the number of drops you take as you learn more about your own body’s response to the homeopathic energy medicine. Consult with your health care practitioner to discover the best therapeutic dosage. Under no condition is it necessary to take more than 5 drops.

An additional dose of the PM AQUAS can also be taken after exercise and before/during flying to assist jet lag.

Each bottle contains 20 milliliters. Depending on the number of drops that are taken daily, each bottle lasts from 2 months to 6 months. AQUAS are a powerful and effective treatment. Taking more than 5 drops does not produce “better” results.


Women order and receive a set of two separate glass bottles of AQUA therapeutic drops, one AM bottle and one PM bottle. It is recommended you place 3-5 drops from the AM  concentrate bottle in a glass of water and apple or pear juice and drink it on rising, in the morning. A good ratio is 70% water and 30% juice. The apple juice helps the body process the energy medicine, but the drops can be taken with water without juice if preferred. The AM AQUA bottle  contains a unique combination of nine different herbal extracts, homeopathies and Bach Flower essences.

Women follow the same procedure in the evening by adding 3-5 drops from the PM AQUA bottle to a glass of water and apple juice. The PM AQUA bottle contains a unique combination of eight different herbal extracts, homeopathics and Bach Flower Essences.

It is best to take the drops five days in a row, followed by a  break for two days. The reason for the break is to insure that the body does not become immunized from the use of the AQUAS day in and day out.

For  women who are highly sensitive or who have health problems, John Coleman ND,recommends that you begin by taking only one drop a day from each Aqua bottle. You can then adjust the number of drops you need to take as you learn more about your own body’s response to the energy medicine. Some people are very sensitive to homeopathic medicine. Consult with your health care practitioner to  discover the therapeutic dosage that is best for you. Under no condition is it necessary to take more than 5 drops.

An additional dose of the PM AQUAS can also be taken after exercise and before flying to assist with the symptoms of jet lag.

Each bottle contains 20 milliliters. Depending on the number of drops that are taken daily, each bottle lasts from two to six months.  Aquas are a powerful and effective treatment, so taking more drops does not produce “better” results.

Money Back Guarantee 

Simply return any unopened bottles along with your comments to Zero Point Healers, 7722 Cooper Point Rd, NW, Olympia, WA 98502 and we will promptly provide you with a full refund.

Production of AQUAS follows a rigorous protocol that satisfies the government of Australia’s highest standards of production quality. AQUAS  carry the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approval in Australia. The TGA is Australia’s equivalent to the USA’s Federal Drug Administration.

Following strict TGA procedures, all steps of the production process are meticulously monitored before the product is ready for shipment.

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Each set of two AQUA bottles (AM and PM) costs $82.50.

Save $18 on orders of two sets.

Save $38 on orders of three sets.

Save $74 on orders of four sets.

Shipping is a flat fee of $10 to ship orders to destinations in the US and $16.95 to destinations outside the US.

To order by phone call toll free: 1-877-526-4646.

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Most people are dehydrated. What is the big deal?

  • Obesity
  • Lethargy
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Disease

That is the big deal. 

  • Give your body what it needs to come back into balance and harmony.
  • Give your body a chance to return to its natural state of health and wellness.
  • Give your body the fluid it needs to function at its peak potential.

Take back your life today! 

Best of Success  in nurturing your body for life.

Robert Rodgers PhD
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P.S. What do you have to lose? This is a full money back guarantee.