What are the ingredients of AQUAS ?

AQUAS are a synergistic combination of Herbal extracts, Homoeopathics, Bach Flower Essences and other ingredients. Detailed formulations (including TGA approved Latin binomial names for all ingredients, ingredient volumes and plant parts used) are provided on each label and are available upon request.

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What research exists that shows AQUAS are effective?

Although biofeedback studies of AQUAS show they are effective, no controlled clinical trials that evaluate its effectiveness have been published. A clinical study of the core components is in the early planning stages. For the last 10+ years there has been consistent feedback from Aqua users as to their positive impact on people’s health and wellness.

The US Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the statements contained herein. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. We suggest that you consult with your health care provider before taking the AQUAS.

Why are Aqua Hydration Formulas Patented? 

The core components of the AQUAS are patented because of the synergy that is created from combining the core ingredients. The combined effect conveys a subtle but powerful signal to the body. No single ingredient works independently. Rather, it is the unique combination, or synergy, of all core AQUAS ingredients that makes it a unique formula.

Biofeedback studies show that this synergy makes it possible for the body to maintain a good balance of water throughout all membranes, tissues and organs. The studies show that the combined effect of all ingredients helps to maintain mental, physical and emotional homeostasis in the body.

How were the AQUAS developed? 

AQUAS were developed using a synergistic process that integrates the tried and true protocols of intuition and biofeedback studies. They have been evaluated for quality and effectiveness over more than a 10 year period

Biofeedback studies were used to monitor hydration before and after taking the AQUAS over a time frame. This made it possible to tell how they worked most effectively. The end result is the product release of AQUAS for men and for women.

How do I use the drops? 

AQUAS work most effectively when added to a mixture of approximately 70% WATER and 30% apple juice. Use either filtered WATER or mineral WATER. The high fructose content of apple juice assists absorption of both WATER and the AQUAS. Other non-citrus juices such as pear or grape juice may be substituted for the apple juice. We recommend using a mix of 30% juice and 70% filtered water.

How many drops should I use and how often? 

For general use, it is recommended that you take 1-5 drops in the morning from the AQUA AM bottle and 1-5 drops in the evening from the AQUA PM bottle.

Experience with people who take AQUAS has shown that the most benefit is derived when you take the AQUAS for 5 consecutive days, followed by a break for two days. Why are the AQUAS most effective when taken 5 out of 7 days a week? When a short break is taken every week the body does not immunize itself against the effects of the AQUAS. As is the case with any homeopathic treatment, taking less is actually better. You may wish to take the Aqua’s consistently for the first few weeks to expedite the hydration process however.

When your body becomes better hydrated – and this typically takes several months – you may want to consider a personal experiment: Stop taking the AQUAS for several weeks. People report to us a distinct difference when they stop taking AQUAS on a regular basis. Maintaining good hydration in our bodies is a lifetime challenge and therefore it needs ongoing attention!

How long will one bottle last? 

Each 20ml bottle of the AQUAS will last approximately two months when the maximum dosage is taken. Each bottle could last up to 6 months with a reduced daily dose.

What were the AQUAS designed to do?

AQUAS were designed to assist your body to upgrade hydration and re-educate your body to reset its water management and thirst mechanisms. The AQUAS were designed to support cellular HYDRATION in your body. They work by assisting your body’s management of fluids right down to the cellular level. They are designed to boost energy levels and improve general wellbeing.

I drink plenty of purified water. Why do I need to take the AQUAS?

It’s not only how much water you drink but also how well you absorb and metabolize water that counts.

Why are there two formulas and why are they different for men and women?

Male and Female AQUA AM and AQUA PM have been developed to address both waking and sleeping cycles of metabolism and the differences in water metabolism in male and female bodies.

Will the AQUAS make me thirsty? 

Testimonials from AQUA users indicate that many people do become more aware of the desire to drink water. Those who already consume a large quantity of water report that their thirst is more adequately quenched by their fluid intake.

Are there any side effects? 

There have been no contraindications recorded. However,. when your body begins to upgrade hydration, your cells are better able to release stored toxins. A small number of people may temporarily experience a headache, or fatigue or nausea when their body begins responding to improved hydration. If symptoms do appear it is recommended that you increase your water intake for several days. Reducing the dose may also be advisable. Ask your health professional about attending to your intestinal flora, liver function. Other methods of cleansing your body of toxins might also be considered.

Should I take the AQUAS with food? 

We recommend that you take the AQUAS at least 20 minutes prior to eating or at least 45 minutes after a meal. Drinking water with meals is not great for digestion, your digestive systems needs good hydration prior to food being ingested.

How long should I take the AQUAS Formulas? 

Hydration, together with nutrition, exercise and emotional wellbeing, are the corner stones of good health. We need to attend to hydration as part of our ongoing health regime. Everyone needs to hydrate for life.

Does it matter if I miss a day? 

No. In fact it is recommended in general to take the AQUAS for only 5 days each week. Best results will come from consistent use over the long term. We need to hydrate for life.

Will the AQUAS interfere with my current health regime?
No. Because the AQUAS address the fundamentals of hydration they are as complementary as good nutrition to all other health regimes.

I am a health care practitioner. Do you offer discounted rates for practitioners?

Yes. Call or e-mail us and we will explain the current rates and set up a method to order.

What are the shipping costs? 

We ship the AQUAS to anywhere in the world Using the United States Postal service. The standard shipping rate is $10 for each order processed.

How long will I have to wait for my order to arrive? 
AQUAS are shipped within 24 hours after receiving the order. You should receive them within 3-14 days after they are shipped depending on the destination..

Who are Zero Point Healers?

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D. and Deborah Russell, M.S are energy healers and cranio sacral therapists from Olympia, Washington in the United States. Deborah is a multidimensional healer and counselor. Robert founded Parkinsons Recovery in 2004. Both Robert and Deborah facilitate the health and well being of a wide variety of people. Robert focuses his attention on helping persons who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Our philosophy at Zero Point Healers is that any disease process can be reversed by encouraging the natural mechanisms of the body to heal. We regularly tell our clients that the body knows how to heal itself. It just needs a little help sometimes remembering how.

Always on the lookout for outstanding products that facilitate the body’s ability to heal, we discovered just such a product that is manufactured in Australia – the AQUAS – a product designed to help the body hydrate itself. We have personally used the AQUAS for 8 years now and found the results to be amazing. Zero Point Healers is excited about bringing the AQUAS to everyone in the United States and around the globe. Good hydration makes all the difference to health and wellness. We are committed to hydrating for life.