Usage Instructions

The Aquas work most effectively when added to a mixture of water and a little apple juice. Use either filtered water or mineral water. The high fructose content of apple juice assists absorption of both water and the Aquas. Other non-acidic juices such as pear or grape juice may be substituted for the small amount of apple juice.

In the morning hydrate by taking Aquas two times a day- In the morning and again in the evening. Add  7-10  drops in a glass that contains 30% apple juice and 70% filtered water. Less juice or no juice can also be used.

For individuals with compromised hydration – either acute or chronic – it is recommended to begin with  3-5 drops of each formula for the first month.

Experience with the Aquas has shown that people generally obtain the most benefit following the recommended usage for five to six days and then take a break from taking Aquas on weekends.

  1. Your body and its cells depend on water to function. Water is the basis of the fluids which bathe the cells and tissues of your body. It is also the major component of the environment within the cells and is essential for virtually every biochemical process in the body. Hydration is the process of ensuring that this water is kept at optimal levels in all cells and tissues at all times.
  2. It is not just how much water you drink which influences your hydration state but also the proper activity of water balancing mechanisms.
  3. The Aquas are designed support cellular hydration in your body and enhance your bioenergetic field. We believe that they work by assisting your body’s management of fluids right down to the cellular level.
  4. After several decades of usage we have feedback from people all over the world about the benefits and value of taking the Aquas.